The winds of fall arrived in my neighborhood this afternoon at 1:30, big gusts moving the treetops and blowing leaves everywhere.  This wind is different than the summer breezes we have had until today, this is serious, big wind that means business.  Have you finished your chores in preparation for the coming cold? Not much time left, so get to it!

 When I walk outdoors in the fall and the wind is blowing like this, I imagine that the trees are giving me a standing ovation and do my best.  Climbing hills is so much easier when you feel nature is supporting you!  

There is a place I can be where it is as if my breath is creating the wind and the wind is creating my breath.  The peacefulness is inspiring and I feel as if I am truly a part of nature and the cosmos.    Do you ever come to a place like that in your day? 

I encourage you to spend a few moments outdoors no matter the weather and see if you can tap into that place where the trees give YOU a standing ovation – I know you will be the change you wish to see in the world when you do!


A friend wants to “put up haiku along my front yard to encourage slower driving. If you know of, or can write, true haiku that includes the concept of slowing down, please share it with me.”

I wrote a few, want to try your hand?

Water flows along

Like cars on a Sunday drive

Leaves begin to fall


Your heart holds the branch

While you consciously drive by

For a bird to rest


Slowly seasons change

Our awareness reminds us

Gone in an instant


If we remember

What it means to be a child

Playfully we go


Each at its own pace

Oblivious to others

Tomatoes ripen


With attention paid

The lazy days of summer

Can stay in our heart


A moment at ease

While doing your autumn chores

Awakens your life

Seattle is the most sustainable large city in the nation!

I sometimes think we in the Seattle metro area are behind the curve as far as being green and sustainable, but then a study like this comes out and I am heartened.   Remember: my husband and I have an organic, raised bed garden that we grow a lot of our vegetables, I drive a hybrid car, recycle a LOT, compost, work from home, my idea of fun is a walk around Greenlake with friends and a stop at a locally owned restaurant for a nosh.  For the most part, I think we live pretty light on the earth. 

Here is a quick re-cap from the study, Seattle is:

First for Green Building, Air Quality, Energy Production & Conservation – Yeah, team!

Second for Green Space – We saved Waldo Woods. Have you planted a tree recently?

Third for Recycling – Let us get better here folks, it is so easy.

Fourth for Standard of Living and Water Quality – We need something to work on!

Fifth for transportation – But we all know that.  Have you ridden mass transit lately?

Ninth for Environmental Standards and Participation – Hey, what gives here?

It pleases me to learn that we are moving along in a sustainable way as a big city and want to give us all a little pat on the back for our contributions no matter how big or how small.  I hope you will join me today in taking a moment to give thanks that you live here and do your part to keep Seattle sustainable.

As you know, I am a prosperity coach.  I realize that what some of you do not know is how I got into this type of work, so I thought I would tell you the story here: 

Some time ago a friend approached me and said “Diane, I want you to be my abundance coach.”  To which I intelligently replied

“Uh, what is that and why me?”

“You are the only person I know that walks the walk and not just talks the talk about being in sync with money and the flow of energy into your life, you never seem to worry about money and I KNOW you are a commissioned sales person (real estate) and I want you to teach me what you do!” 

“But, I’m not a financial counselor and I don’t have any idea where you should put your money”

“No, what I want you to teach me is how you can live such an abundant life no matter what is happening in your financial life.” “I have been in debt for my entire adult life (said my mid forties age friend) and I just want to be able to feel the way you seem to feel, get my blocks around making money under control, understand the way you handle set backs and IF I can get out of debt, that would be a bonus!”

 I went home and thought about what it is that I do as far as money, flow and abundance is concerned.  I wrote everything down and designed a program that I thought would help my friend.

We got together over the course of a few months and went over the program.  We discussed many issues that are typically taboo in “polite society” – my goodness talking about money, religion and politics is practically unheard of for those of a certain age!

We discussed legacy issues, things handed down from well-meaning relatives. We discussed society issues, things seemingly inherent in how we conduct business today.  We discussed emotional, psychological, spiritual even body issues! as we delved deeper and deeper into her specific story.  We met over the course of a few months.  Focused and diligent in our meetings and the completion of all homework (sometimes more enthusiastically than others) we began the process of removing my friend’s blockages to a prosperous life. 

A little over a year later, I was greeted with “Diane, you will never guess what?” when I bumped into her in the neighborhood one day.  Although I was sure what was next, I simply said “what?”

 “I am COMPLETELY OUT of debt for the first time in my life!”  This from a person who had tens of thousands of dollars in debt, who had been working over 60 hours a week and who NEVER thought that “debt free” would be part of life!

From that time on, working only by referral and word of mouth, I decided that if I can help people on such a profound level by simply sharing what it is that I do in my daily life then I should and Prosperity Coaching with the Goddess was born! 

I am telling you this story in hope that you will take a moment to think about your own story about money, prosperity, abundance and flow and if you would like to clean up your own “stuff” around these issues that you will allow the Goddess to help you!

As you know, my repertoire includes Feng Shui, both Space and Personal Energetic Clearing, Transition Support, Vigorous Listening (walk and talk encouragement and direction) and I am also an accomplished intuitive real estate agent with a history of connecting people with the right spaces and helping create spaces that truly support and inspire.

Is the time ripe for you to tap into the flow of abundance, prosperity and destiny the Goddess way?  The Goddess will help you break through blocks from a position of power in a nurturing, intuitive way.  Is it your time?

 I love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts on what abundance and prosperity mean to you!

Mimi’s Conscious Death


Being with our cat at the end of her life

Dying as she lived

Peaceful, non-complaining, present

She said her goodbye

One paw patting, pick me up

Time on my lap the day before

She spends the next 31 hours

Saying goodbye to the things she loved

A little time on the porch in her favorite shade spots

A little time under the lightly scented white flowers in the front garden

A little time on the sidewalk in the warming sun

Making herself as comfortable as she could

Her body weakening

Energy enough to take her where she wished

The last moments in the shade of the Japanese maple

Among the hostas and peonies in her yard

Stretched out, graceful til the end

Her last breath of good earth

Consciously supported

Living as she died


Mimi died in the afternoon of Sunday June 7th 2009 she is missed.  She adopted us sometime between 3 and 6 years old and lived with us for 12 years.  We are blessed by her presence.

I taught a class recently about doing things that scare you and I made a promise that I would get myself to the rooftop of a very high building soon (I am afraid of heights). 

I told the class it would be the top of the Columbia Tower (highest building in Seattle I could think of).

I am asking all of my friends if you know anyone who can make this dream (nightmare?) a reality, let me know!

When the moisture is absent, from the air and the ground, everything in nature retreats inward and instead of filling out each leaf, each blade of grass, each body, nature waits.  Nature waits for the weather to return to normal and waits until the crisis has passed.  They do not die; they just gather most of their resources inside, keep themselves together and weather the crisis.  This is what we do when there is an arid time or a crisis in our own lives.

Here are some things to do while you are experiencing your own dry spell:

1.  Keep energy expenditures at a minimum My cat has not moved out of that shady spot all day.  Follow her lead and make yourself comfortable wherever you are and hunker down!

2.   Allow the world to keep spinning but take your energy off the ride.  Nothing earth-shatteringly important will happen while you retreat and besides, if it does, someone else can handle it until you are ready to get back on the ride!

3.   Accept the little graces that come your way  A warm breeze on a hot day will blow a little of the dust away.  A friend really is happy to buy your an iced coffee, let her! 

4.   Be grateful that you have resources on which you can rely Count your blessings and realize how lucky you are to be able to weather this particular dry spell with such aplomb and style! Are you not doing so well?  Know that next time will be easier.

5.   Pay attention to the experience so you will know what to do when this happens again. Are you more parched then you want to be?  Do you need some more support from people? Notice what you are particularly lacking and when this dry spell is over, take action so you will be prepared next time.

6.   Do not panic, just wait Every dry spell has an end.  Do you think you do not have another ounce of strength?  I bet you can find something to inspire you to continue for a while longer.

7.   Take comfort that others have been there.  Yep, it happens to the best of us, so give yourself a little grace, do not beat yourself up and remember, into each life a little rain must fall and it will come soon to YOU!

Ever been in a dry spell? Please share your thoughts and advice here.